CNC Retrofits

Resurecting older CNC machines to give them a new lease of life

Our Past Retrofits Include:

Emco                                              Isel

Boxford                                          Sherline

Multicam                                       Adept

Modelmaster                                Bridgeport

Taig                                                Hercus

Tekcel                                            Gravograph

.....and many others

Rebuild Your CNC Machine

It is fair to say that most CNC machines become out-dated well before their time due to the electronics not keeping up with constantly improving ways of using them. Cad/Cam software is becoming much more advanced and getting easier to use, but the machines might not have the capability of benefiting from these technological advances.  As a result many perfectly good machines get consigned to the scrapheap, often when an electronics upgrade is all that is needed.

We have designed lots of CNC 'components' which can be used to retrofit to bring many smaller CNC machines up to date, with Ethernet connections to the control computer or your Network, Control panels, pendants for accurate settings, and much more. All components are modules which plug together with ribbon cables and the software can be configured and customised to suit your machine.

For some machines we have pre-built and configured 'kits' which are an almost bolt-on retrofit, for others we can build a control system from our base components and set it all up for you.

Some examples of our Retrofits

More Information ?

If you would like more information, or have a specific machine you would like to ask us about, please use this link to send us an email.