Custom Electronics

We can design and build your Electronics Projects for you

Printer Control Board

A printer motion control board designed for one of our clients.

Outsource your Electronics and Save Money

We are primarily designers and builders of Electronics, mostly for but not limited to Motion control applications. 

Keeping an electronics workshop to service your electronics requirements can be a big drain on company resources if your requirements are not so big. This is where we can help, we have all the software needed to design Electronics Boards, a fully equipped workshop to build them, and plenty of experience to ensure all is done properly.  And you only pay for the time and materials used for your projects and nothing else, when the project is finished the design and all the Intelectual Property belongs to you.

Not only is our workshop equipped for building Electronic PCB's, including surface mount technology, we also have a range of CNC machines and a CNC Laser which we can use to fabricate custom enclosures and Panels, so important for the efficient production of prototypes.

Some Custom Designs for our Clients:

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